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What is White Noise?

White Noise Benefits and Uses

White Noise for Tinnitus Relief

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Welcome to WhiteNoiseCd.com!
We offer information on what white noise is and how it works, the benefits and uses of white noise, and information on white noise for tinnitus sufferers.  Use the links to the left to navigate our information pages, or use the "click to listen" links on the right to listen to samples of real white noise!
Tinnitus Relief
Tinnitus is a condition in which an individual hears a roaring or ringing of the ears.  Though a high-pitched ring or a dull roar are the most commonly perceived noises with tinnitus, cases of whistling, buzzing...  [read more]
What is White Noise?
White noise is sound that covers the full range of pitches audible to the human ear.  Every frequency or tone possible is contained within a single white noise sound.  Because pure white noise contains every... [read more]
White Noise Benefits and Applications
White noise has a variety of benefits and applications.  Because of its sound masking properties, white noise is ideal both as a concentration aid and a relaxation aid, and is useful in a huge range of... [read more]


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White noise is best heard through hi-fi speakers or headphones.  If you are listening to these white noise clips through laptop speakers, keep in mind that the sound you are hearing may not be pure white noise.


what is white noise? | white noise benefits | tinnitus relief

buy white noise cds